P.S. You’re Beautiful is more than a blog…

It’s a self-acceptance movement!

We are a body-positive community of strong, bold folks who have something to say, whether it relates to fatness, body image, politics, disability, beauty, plus-size fashion and/or pop culture.

In August 2013, Lora wrote this piece about her first experience rocking a bikini as a plus-sized woman. The overwhelmingly positive response from the online community was incredible: Women from across the country, of all backgrounds, ages and sizes, reached out to express how much they could relate.

It hit me then: When it comes to the battle for a body-positive world, we’re all in this together.

Sharing our stories, supporting one another and lifting each other up only strengthens us as a #bopo community. Let’s spread the message of body love together!

Thanks for checking us out and I hope you’ll stick around.


Lora Grady
Founder & Editor

PS You’re Beautiful branding and web design by Amanda Wilkins.

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